I am C.L.Bell – I am an essayist and journalist, who grew up in South Africa, but lives half the year in Glasgow, Scotland.

I have written for most UK national newspapers and TIME magazine, and was long-listed for the Notting Hill Editions Essay Prize 2017.

I have a Masters degree in philosophy and writes mostly on issues of identity, belonging and social politics. I also do investigative research and in-depth trends analysis for a Scottish investment firm.

In a volunteer capacity, I am the communications manager and a facilitator for  Consciousness Café – a South African dialogue collective which brings South Africans together to talk honestly about the racial, spiritual, relational, cultural and political issues affecting their lives. http://www.facebook.com/consciousnesscafe.co.za

I am represented by Watson Little literary agency, and my first book, Lost Where We Belong: Trying to Escape Apartheid’s Shadows will be published in the summer of 2017.

The views on this blog do not represent Consciousness Café. Most of the time they do not even represent me. I am a work in progress. As are we all.